24 hours of travel to span 1095 miles

Sometimes getting from one place to another place that look seemingly close on a map, can end up taking almost 24 hours. I needed to get from Prague to Santorini and the cheapest flight happened to be Prague to Santorini via Copenhagen with a 12 hour layover. I decided to actually leave the airport and explore a little bit of the city. It was a Monday so a lot of the museums were closed, but we know that doesn’t stop me from finding something to do. I went to visit the Little Mermaid statue and was not really sure what all the big fuss was about, but at least I saw it.

IMG_0978 IMG_0979 IMG_0980


I put my headphones and started the couple mile walk to the city center. Along the way I ended up on one of the longest pedestrian shopping roads in Europe. I just did some window shopping because Denmark is a bit pricey for me. It was time for lunch and I decided to head off the main road and see what I could find. I stumbled across a great place called BrewPub and had a traditional Danish lunch accompanied by some delicious beer that is brewed there!


Finally, it was time to head back to the airport and get on my flight. My day started at 5:30am and I arrived to the hostel in Santorini at about 4:45am the NEXT day. It was a very long day but absolutely worth it!

Let me know your thoughts!

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