Santorini for the second time

When I went to Greece last year and went to Santorini, I found it to be quintessential Greece. It is everything you think of when you think of Greece; blue and white!

 My friend and I ended up staying at this great hostel/hotel just a 3minute drive outside of town called Caveland. This was an old winery converted into a hostel. Our little room ended up being an old wine cave and was fantastic!

There were plenty of little nooks and crannies that made this place so amazing and actually pretty hard to leave to go adventure.


Even though it was hard to leave the hostel, there is plenty to do in Santorini including going to watch the sunset in Oia. When you see a picture of Greece or think of the buildings, you are usually looking at Oia.

One of the other days we decided to take a little tour to the volcano that started it all and created the Santorini you see today. The volcano is still active but currently lying dormant. Walking around you could see the steam coming out of the hill where the water was being super heated from the activity. Today, it is a geological research site that constantly collects data. Amazing to think that the little island we think of as Santorini was much much bigger and currently lies under the sea!

   I’m pretty sure I could revisit Santorini every year and be a very happy person!

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  1. Moritz says:

    Santorini is so lovely. All the colors are just stunning. I hope you enjoyed your time on the island to the utmost! 🙂

    1. jennalogic says:

      Thanks Moritz. I really think it is just a beautiful island.

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