My last stop in Greece…Heraklion

After almost two weeks in Greece it was time for one final stop in one of the largest cities…Heraklion. After moving around a bit and going out more than usual, I just wanted to relax and recharge my batteries and stay of the sun!


We were staying at a hotel about 30 minutes (by bus) outside of the city and randomly found a family owned restaurant and hotel. This was one of the first times I saw how the economy was playing out for the Greeks. This huge restaurant was completely empty because so many people cancelled their trips afraid of the referendum. We were lucky enough to meet the owners and we were like family. They gave us free raki (it is considered rude if you turn it down) and just embraced us. The next afternoon we walked by to catch the bus and they called us in for a shot of raki and some food before the bus. I bet if we stayed there for a few more days they would have invited us to their house for dinner! It was one of those travel experiences that reinforces why I travel.

Truly, my travel buddy and I spent most the time in cafés and then sitting in our room being silly and listening to music. It was our final few days together and we just wanted to chill.

Let me know your thoughts!

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