I learned how to do my own graffiti and it was AWESOME!

I have been on quite a few graffiti tours around the world, but I have never had the luxury of heading into a warehouse and trying out my hand at my own piece. The Alternative Street Art tour in Berlin let’s you do just that!

Graffiti is 100% illegal in Berlin however, there are only 35 people in the anti graffiti police unit. The reunification of Berlin cost over 60 billion euros so the city is focused on other issues and crimes and sort of lets a lot of the graffiti crime slide.

Little Lucy by El Bocho
This is buy Portuguese artist Victor Nash who painted this to look like a stencil
This may not look like anything interesting but this tag has been here for 23 years. People respect GFA.
Left: Roa likes to use animals that would have been indigenous prior to people settling. Right: One Truth is a Swiss crew that is in it for the money and will paint if you pay them.
Gemeos are twin brothers that like to paint their people yellow
Paste up by Robi the Dog
I saw Blu all over Argentina and here he is again

As far as street art tours go, I didn’t see a ton of pieces that thrilled me. But the ability to learn a technique and create my own piece was worth every cent I paid.

This is an original piece by ME: JENNA BENNETT!

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